Collection: Luxe Glitter Collection

 These are our most luxurious glitter mixes I see beautiful fall colors glitters that have amazing depth with beautiful shifts when hit just right by the light!  You will notice that these glitters are slightly higher in cost due to the  process for mixing and creating as well as the rare qualities these have! 

11 products
  • ICE ICE BABY Semi Opaque Extra Fine/Fine Mix Poly Glitter
  • Girls Best Friend Opaque Mix Poly Glitter
  • COTTON CANDY Color Shift Dot Mix Poly Glitter
  • WHITE RABBIT High flash silver/ white Opaque Extra Fine/Fine Mix Poly Glitter
  • Temptations Luxe
  • Greatest Desires Luxe
  • Killer Frost SEASONAL Color Shift
  • Trixie -Luxe Collection
  • Mazikeen -Luxe Collection
  • HER LOOKING GLASS Icy Mix Poly Glitter
  • City of Angels -Luxe Collection